LFCDC Sings You'll Never Walk Alone

1/17/2015 vs Aston Villa

LFCDC Celebrates Another Win

9/1/2013 vs Manchester United

Club Activities

LFCDC's pickup soccer team
8.13.13 - LFCDC's very own pickup soccer team plays its first match

Match Day

2013/14 Season

Manchester United match
9.1.13 - Manchester United
Stoke City match
8.17.13 - First game of the season against Stoke

2012/13 Season

QPR match
5.19.13 - Last game of the season against QPR
Wigan match
3.2.13 - Wigan with the Baltimore Reds
Manchester United match
1.13.13 - Manchester United
Fulham match
12.22.12 - Fulham
Sunderland match
9.15.12 - Sunderland